UXD Leaderboard Event

We are pleased to announce a partnership with UXD. Whats $UXD Protocol? UXD is backed by various low volatility strategies that generate yield. The function of the protocol is to manage the asset and liability side to ensure that there is no mismatch. Examples of low volatility strategies are delta-neutral position, overcollateralized crypto backed loans, liquid and semi-liquid lending, etc. Bet UXD, Win UXP. For the next month, we will be dropping 400,000 UXP per week to players who wager UXD on Solcasino. To be eligible, simply place bets in UXD on Solcasino. At the end of each week, the Top 10 leaders by volume will split the weeks rewards pool. This promotion will run from September 13 - October 13. This weeks rewards pool is 400,000 UXP. The rewards split is as follows:

  1. 100,000 UXP

  2. 72,000 UXP

  3. 52,000 UXP

  4. 44,000 UXP

  5. 32,000 UXP

  6. 20,000 UXP

  7. 20,000 UXP

  8. 20,000 UXP

  9. 20,000 UXP

  10. 20,000 UXP

Good luck and happy gambling.

UXD Protocol Website: https://uxd.fi/ UXD Protocol Twitter: https://twitter.com/UXDProtocol

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