Future Trading

Solcasino now offers crypto futures trading with up to 1000x leverage on coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Matic, and BNB. You can trade using any tokens supported by Solcasino as collateral.

Solcasino has also developed TURBOWAVE, which is a provably-fair trading experience. All prices for the 24-hour round have been predetermined using a randomly drawn seed that is revealed at the end of each trading round. Using this published seed, anyone can verify that we followed the algorithm described below and that we did not alter any prices after the round's trading began. In particular, it is not possible for us to change prices based on the bets placed by users.

You can trade now at Solcasino.io/trading

Note: When you decide to end a trade, you'll still have the same number of tokens you started with, no matter how the price has changed, only after this the profit/losses apply. Funding Payments: Holding your bet open for more than 8 hours can lead to the possibility of hourly funding payments, which are subject to market conditions. In a bullish market, where prices are rising, the funding rate becomes positive, causing long traders to pay short traders. In a bearish market, where prices are falling, the funding rate becomes negative, causing short traders to pay long traders.

To illustrate, suppose you have an active long position in SOL with a 20x multiplier and a $100 investment, and the funding rate is at 0.1%. In this scenario, after the initial 8 hours, you would be charged $0.083 per hour. If your position were short instead of long, you would receive funding payments.

It's worth noting that if you decide to close your bet within the first 8 hours, no funding payments will be involved.

Meme Trading

Solcasino allows trading meme coins with a leverage of up to 10x.

The fees are different, here are the details : Open Fee : Open Fee has a fixed rate of 0.08% of the order size Close Fee : Close Fee has a fixed rate of 0.08% of the order size Impact Fee : Impact Fee is calculated based on your order size, you can reduce your Impact Fee by splitting your orders. Borrow Rate : A borrow fee applies to all orders older than 8 hours. The fee is deducted from the balance every hour. The hourly fee is calculated as follows: Hourly Fee = Borrow Rate * Position Size.

The purpose of the Impact Fee is to mimic the effect of the order book for a given trade size, where smaller trades experience less price impact and larger trades experience greater price impact.

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