Bonus-Buy War

A war room is created with a pre-defined amount to play a specific game.

Once a player joins a war room, the predefined amount is deducted from the player's main account to create a sub account.

After war game starts, each player will need to use ALL the amount in the sub account to trigger the 'bonus-buy' feature in one go.

In the above example, the player has 20 BUSD in the war sub account, but the current selected bonus-buy amount is $200.

In this case, the player needs to use the '-' button (showing as 1) to decrease the amount from $200 to 20.

In above screenshot, the bonus-buy amount is now 20, which equals the sub account balance. The player is now able to trigger a bonus-buy.

Just trigger the bonus-buy and wait for settlement.


Once every player finishes his/her own rounds, everyone will be back in the room for game settlement.

The biggest slot winner in his/her own round will take the winning of everyone else's.

Merge Sub Account back to Main

After the settlement, the player needs to click 'close' or 'claim' button in the war room to merge the balance of the sub account back to main account. On mobile, you can find your previous participated war rooms in 'Completed Wars' page.

Creating a Bonus War Room

  1. To access Bonus War, just look at the left side pane and click the Bonus war icon.

  1. Once on the Bonus war page, you will see these:

Available tab shows you all the bonus games that are ready and available for you to join in. Active tab shows you all the bonus games that are currently in progress and active. Completed tab shows you all the bonus games that are finished.

  1. If there are no games available, we can create it by ourselves clicking the “Create war” button.

You need to fill up each field to be able to create a Bonus war game. - Game: Select from our wide array of Slots games. - Amount: Bet amount the participants are willing to pay. ($20, $40, $60, $80, $100). - Participants: Number of players that are allowed to join. (Min. 2, Max. 200).

Available games will look like this:

4. After creating, you just wait for others to participate, you can also share the bonus war game link. Or you can join available war games:

  1. Once everyone joins, we can now start the bonus war and wait for the game to be loaded.

  2. 6. Once every participant loaded the game properly, you will have to configure the bonus buy amount (3) to match the sub account balance (2) using the bet options (1) Then once all participants configured their bet, you can now start by pressing the buy feature (3).

  1. Once the game finishes, the person with the highest win amount will take all the money that is on the table!


In case the game is canceled or it doesn't start. You can claim your fund/money via the Completed tab and click the Close Balance.

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