Referral Commission

When you invite other players to play, you can get referral based on their wager amount. Referral bonus will be in the same currency as your invited players' bet currency.

You can always get commission from any bet wagered, no matter they win or lose. The higher your VIP level, the higher the percentage of commission you get from the bet.

Your commission is relevant to the house edge of the game and the bet volume.

Different games have a different house edge. You can derive your commission using the following formula:

Referral Bonus = Effective House Edge * wager * commission rate
House Edge = 1 - RTP

Different games have different house edge. You can check the house edge of each game on the back of its cover.

Learn more about Effective House edge here.

Please note, using your own referral code will result in action against your accounts, including bans & forfeiture of any funds.

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