360% Deposit Bonus

USDB Promotion details

What is USDB?

USDB is a reward paid in USDT. There are multiple ways to fill your USDB treasure box with unlocked USDB.

  1. Deposits Bonus

    Our casino offers an exceptional 4 rewarding deposit match bonuses. This is an excellent opportunity to earn additional Crypto and acquire our unique Crypto coins, USDB, which you can use at your discretion. So, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to increase your Crypto holdings with our exceptional bonuses.

    • 1st Deposit

      • 180% Bonus

      • Minimum Deposit: $10.00

      • Get up to 20,000.00 USDB

    • 2nd Deposit

      • 240% Bonus

      • Minimum Deposit: $50.00

      • Get up to 40,000.00 USDB

    • 3rd Deposit

      • 300% Bonus

      • Minimum Deposit: $100.00

      • Get up to 60,000.00 USDB

    • 4th Deposit

      • 360% Bonus

      • Minimum Deposit: $200.00

      • Get up to 100,000.00 USDB

  2. Lucky Spin : Spin and win your daily opportunity to bag up to 5 USDB - the ultimate thrill in every roll! (Work in Progress)

  1. Quest Hub : Conquer daily and weekly quests while amassing and snowballing your earnings! (Work in Progress)

How to Claim USDB

USDB will unlock proportionally through wagering.

Formula: Unlock amount = wager amount * 1 ‰

For example, if you made a first deposit of $100, which filled your USDB treasure box with 180 USDB, you need to wager a total of $18,000 to claim the whole amount of 180 USDB.

If you already wagered $1000 and the unlocked amount increased to 1 USDB. You need a minimum of 5 USDB to claim your reward (so $5000 wagered).

Once you fill your treasure box with a minimum of 5 USDB, click "Claim," and the unlocked USDB will be transferred directly to your USDT balance at a rate of 1:1. You can withdraw anytime, but the bonus will be cancelled.

Find your rewards page here : https://solcasino.io/rewards#bonus

Tokens available for the USDB promotion: SOL, USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, AVAX, BNB, DOGE, FTM, LTC, MATIC, XRP

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