Fairness & Certificates

The Solcasino.io team only works with prestigious gaming providers such as Evolution, MicroGaming, Pragmatic Play, which they guarantee fairness of the games provided.

Original Game's Fairness

Here's how you can usually verify the fairness of games with the system shown:

  1. Client Seed: This is a part of the data that you, as the client, can control. You provide a random seed or it is generated for you, which will be used in combination with the server's seed to determine the outcome of the game.

  2. Server Seed (Hashed): This is provided by the gambling site's server before you place a bet. It is a cryptographic hash of the actual server seed. The hash function is one-way, meaning you cannot determine the original server seed from the hashed version, which guarantees that the site cannot change it after you make a bet based on your client seed.

  3. Total Bets Made With Pair: This number indicates how many bets have been made with the current combination of client and server seeds.

  4. Rotate Seed Pair: Here you can change the client seed and view the next server seed (still in hashed form) which will be used for the next bet. This is important for maintaining fairness, as it ensures the outcomes cannot be tampered with by changing the seeds after bets are placed.

To verify the fairness :

  1. Place Your Bet

  2. Record the Current Seeds Before Changing

    • Before changing your client seed, make sure to record or take note of your current client seed. In your case, it's 817c72b52dd1b2f81108890d1f97ca80.

    • Note that the server seed is provided in a hashed form, which you can't see until after you change your seed.

  3. Change Your Seed

    • Change your client seed to a new value. This action will reveal the previous unhashed server seed.

  4. Check the History

    • Go to the game history.

    • Look for the entry corresponding to the bet you just made.

  5. Note the Details

    • Write down the unhashed server seed that has now been revealed.

    • Confirm your client seed and note the nonce associated with the bet. The nonce is typically a number that increments with each bet to ensure unique outcomes even if the same seeds are used.

    • Client Seed: 817c72b52dd1b2f81108890d1f97ca80

    • Server Seed: 71cc3c8e8413d3965b127a0f10790bf6

    • Nonce: 1

  6. Verification

    • Use the site's verification tool. Enter the client seed, server seed, and nonce to see the same result as your bet.

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