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Introduction is one of the top licensed casino currently in the Solana blockchain and it also offers multichain features. It is also rated as the top 5 most used Dapp in Solana according to Dappradar. With that said, represents a unique investment opportunity in the exciting world of casinos. You now have the chance to purchase a portion of shares of
In this litepaper we will go through all this details as well as the upcoming mint and future roadmaps of

About Solcasino

What is

In the early stages of Solana blockchain, there was not a single good, credible casino that you could play using cryptocurrency. Then happened, launched in December 2021. is the first casino platform built on the Solana blockchain which offers you to play directly with your web3 wallet. One of the best part of It's licensed.
Users can play and participate in a multitude number of games of chance and skills. Games such as the classic blackjack, poker and the usual slots and roulette. also offers sports betting on their site. There are plenty of games to check out on! showcasing multiple games

User growth

Launched in December 2021, has seen exponential growth in it's user base, revenues, and now totals 6 million SOL and 64 million USDC/USDT in volume. twitter followers
Estimate User growth percentage by quarter goes multichain!

When started, it only supported tokens such as $USDC, $USDT and $SOL. But as time progressed they added support to SPL Native tokens such as $BONK, $SAMO, $DUST, $HADES and etc. These provides their project an extra utility to use their said token on
As the user/player grows, so does the brand of It expands to multiple chains such as BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, APTOS, CANTO and FTM. These expansions provided support to their crypto native wallet(Phantom, Solflare, Metamask, WalletConnect, Pontem and Martian) so you can easily connect and use it on showcasing multiple wallet supports

Opportunity in will open a new opportunity to earn a share of profits while joining the world of casino through NFTs.
The main benefit of holders is to earn a share of the profits from the platform, these are after all the expense and cost such as paying operators, providers and maintenances. This provides holders with a steady stream of income and adds to the potential return on investment.
There are also other benefits and utility for holders such as NFTs staking, Rakeback bonuses, VIP system and NFT Lotto. This will be discussed more on Roadmaps.

Roadmap and Utilities

These are the current plan for NFTs utilties and roadmaps;
NOTE: Rates and computations are subject to change.

NFT Staking

  • To earn a share of the profits from the, you first need to lock up your NFTs for a period of time and you will earn shares/rewards and other casino privileges(rakeback, bonuses and etc).
  • Also when you stake your NFTs, it will boost your rakeback rates an extra 5% - 30% (depending on how many NFTs you stake) bonuses. Staked NFT Bonus = Rakeback Rate * Staked Nft Rate
  • Staking your NFTs also increases the EXP you gain for VIP/Levelling system.

Rakeback Bonuses

Rakeback is a reward where you can earn back a percentage of the house fees for being a regular player on The more you play on our casino, the more you can earn back.

Earn by Playing

Rakeback is calculated based on your total wager from the previous day. Unused rakeback bonuses will expire within 24 hours if not claimed/used. Earnings from rakeback will be claimable via token based on real-time price.
Standard Rakeback Rate is 2% to 5% without nft bonusses.
Rakeback bonus = Previous day's $wager * 0.3% * Rakeback Rate

Referral Bonus

When you invite other players to play on, you can get referral bonus based on their wager amount. Earnings from referral bonus will be in the same cryptocurrency as your invited players bet.
Referral rate is from 5% to 20%.
Referral Bonus = $wager * 0.3% * Referral Rate

VIP/Levelling up System

Level-up Benefits will introduce a levelling / VIP system to increase the rewards base on your current level. As your level increases, it will also increase your rates(rakeback, staked nfts, referral) and you will also get level-up bonus.
Level-up bonus will be sent in token based on real-time price.

Gaining Experience

Players can gain EXP through wagering/betting on All bets made will be converted to USD value and will go towards the EXP to increase the players level.
Player bets 1$ USD = 1 EXP Gain
The highest VIP level you can attain is 80 and we will provide a gain EXP chart in the following days.

NFT Lending will have a new feature where you can collateralize/loan your Solana NFTs for instant liquidity so you can use it to gamble on our casino. Collateralize NFTs will be in USDC.
More details on this to follow.

NFT Lottery will launch NFT lottery, basically it's just a powerball in which you will be able to exchange/deposit your NFTs for lottery tickets. The number of tickets you get will still be based on the deposited NFT in a Voucher Token which is equal to 1 USD. Incase you won the lottery, you can choose to buy an NFT on our NFT Lotto Marketplace using your Voucher Tokens.
Example: Deposited an NFT worth 5$, you will receive 5 lottery tickets
**The deposited/exchange NFTs will be added to our NFT Lotto Marketplace.
More details on this to follow.

What's next for has a bright future ahead and along with its community:
  • More integration with other chains(Multichain is the way forward)
  • More exciting games to add to our casino.
  • More benefits to our holders.
Don't forget to gamble responsibly!